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Kids Party provides ideas and suggestions for the ultimate kids party.





Fun Theme Party Ideas

Pirates Theme

Haunted House

Dr. Jeckyl's Laboratory

You can have a great Theme Party. Just pick a theme that you like and then put all the pieces together.

Decorations, Invitations, Entertainment, Cake and Loot Bags are some of the items to consider.



Video Game Party

What? Combine Video Games with Party and you get a Video Game Party - just awesome. No point in putting the games aside for a party when your friends can join you in person to create your own video game duelling arena.

To go all out, first you can make the invitations that look like video game cases with cds inside them. If you have one system with either 2 or 4 controllers, you can hold round robin style tournaments and you can set aside some prizes for the winner.

The cake can be warcraft themed or the theme of your video game such as pacman or even Call of Duty or Halo. You can have your own WOW World of Warcraft Party where everyone brings a laptop and gets together in one room to do raids and such.

You can put out theme related snacks and refreshments and let the fun begin.

Made popular in Japan, group gaming is catching on in the U.S. and Canada as well. This is where you are in the same room on different computers with your friends and allies as you battle others in the virtual world. Online gaming mixed with live interaction is a great recipe for hours of video game enjoyment.



We wish you a fun and successful Kids Theme Party!


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